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Officially, LM.C broke into the scene in late summer 2006. The band is fronted by guitarist Aiji, and vocalist Maya. Alongside their support members, they've made their mark on the industry none too subtly.

Please JOIN the community for current news, downloads, and other goodies, as it's members only.


And be sure to check out our affiliates lmc_daily, for daily picturey goodness, hq_tvxq for high quality kpop goodness, and alicenineftw, for a laid back alice nine. experience.

Community Rules

☆ It doesn't take much brain power to figure it out, but all entries must contain something pertaining to LM.C. :D/ No fanfiction, plz.

Do not post OR request any rips (by you, or otherwise) of albums/singles/DVDs, aka anything official that can be purchased; don't link to them either. We're not going to overlook this rule, regardless of whining; if you need a better explanation, please join the community and refer to THIS and THIS.

☆ Of course, all PUBLIC media is welcome. If you don't know what that means, it means anything from TV, or the net, or magazines, and the like. :D/

☆ All large images need to be placed under an LJ cut. On the off chance you have no clue how to do that, this short tutorial should be mighty helpful.

☆ Keep the drama to a minimum; if a serious problem should arise, email or message the mods to handle it. However, we're not your mommies, so use your discretion before coming to us.

☆ Before making requests, check the MEMORIES and TAGS.

Otherwise, haffun. :D/

LM.C on the web

Official Myspace
Pony Canyon


EMAIL lawlzipop
EMAIL sighyo


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★ Plz to not be a fggt; do NOT steal from any part of the community, kthnx. That means the member posts, profile, and such. :D/ Be original; do your own work. Also, mods cannot be held responsible for the content of member's posts.